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“It is quite rare to find music at this level which is as enjoyable, engaging and so catchy.”


“Sifford’s writing style is fresh and creative, and musically and pedagogically sound.”

- The Piano Magazine

“…full of fresh sounds and stories sure to motivate young musicians.”

- American Music Teacher

Mid to Late Elementary

Keybop, Vol. 1

Jazz-inspired pieces with optional teacher accompaniments.

KB1 Album
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Late Elementary to Early Intermedate


10 pieces that are truly out of this world!

Weightless Cover.jpg
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Early-Mid Intermediate

Beware the Jabberwock

8 Original solos inspired by Lewis Carrol's famous poem.

Jabber Cover.jpg
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Early to Late Elementary

Sacred Songs and Stories

An anthology of original solos inspired by the Old Testament.

Sacred Stories Cover.jpg
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Early Advanced


Includes the jazz nocturne "Incognito" along with engaging solos from other popular FJH composers.

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The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

An equal-part duet arrangement. Great fun for audience and players alike!

Winnsboro Cover.png
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Detective-themed jazz solos in a variety of styles for student pianists.

Gumshoes Cover.jpg
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Early Intermediate

Keybop, Vol. 2

Jazz-inspired solos for colorful and engaging recital performances.

KB 2 Cover.jpg
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Run and Hide

Round out your NFMC program with this exciting showpiece!

Run cover.jpg
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Later Elementary to

Early Intermediate

Strange Sounds

An anthology of works by Miller, Hartsell, Ikeda, Siagian, Setliff, Gillock, and others!

Strange Cover.jpg
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Late Elementary

The Tortoise and the Hare

An elementary study in contrasting tempos!

Tortoise Cover.jpg
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Early to Mid Intermediate

The Creeps

This book is scary. Your students will love it. If they're brave enough, that is...

Creeps Cover.png
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Early to Mid Intermediate

Suite in G Major

Designed to introduce students to baroque music. Includes the Allemande - an official NFMC selection.

Suite Cover.jpg
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An elementary introduction to a variety of jazz styles.

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