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Meet Jason

Pianist, Teacher, Composer

With over 25 years of experience, from studio to stage, celebrating and creating musical experiences that bring us closer to others and ourselves.

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Piano Keys

“It is quite rare to find music at this level which is as enjoyable, engaging and so catchy.”

“Sifford’s writing style is fresh and creative, and musically and pedagogically sound.”

The Piano Magazine

“…full of fresh sounds and stories sure to motivate young musicians.”

American Music Teacher

Student Favorites

Original solos, duets, and arrangements for piano students of all ages and levels. Published by Willis Music,, FJH Music, and Editions Musica Ferrum, these are sure to keep students engaged while giving their teachers valuable pedagogical opportunities to take their students to the next level.

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Piano Blocks

Supplementary units of study designed to help piano teachers and students with a wide variety of technical and musical issues. From counterpoint to pop improvisation, these tutorials are a valuable addition to your digital library.

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